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The spirit of enterprise to provide professional services.
Quality After sales
Quality Objectives

Freeboard International "Quality Assurance Plan”It is the product of the control over the supply channel of high-quality electronic components, which was gradually accumulated in our supplier qualification review process, and has been evaluated by an all-round quality process.

All Freeboard suppliers will be continuously evaluated and audited by our quality management team based on the traded orders and quality certification peer trade references. Our "Quality Assurance Plan” is created according to new standards and will better serve our customers by continuously creating new development strategies.

100% genuine
100% Quality Assurance
100% customer satisfaction
Quality Testing
Freeboard has a detailed inspection and detection process for goods from different suppliers, different years,
and different packaging conditions, to ensure that the quality of goods from any source before entering Freeboard warehouse is guaranteed.
System arrival notice
Stock in application
QC or
laboratory test
QC Manager approval
Quality control process
Freeboard Follow the quality link control, and control the quality of goods from the three dimensions of pre-sales, sales and after-sales to ensure that each batch of goods delivered to customers does not have quality problems, so that customers have no worries.
Supplier review

(Pre sale)

AVL system
Original factory/agent/solution provider
Supplier review

(In sale)

Full spot inspection
Third party laboratory
Supplier review

(After sales)

Handling of customer complaints
Improvement report
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