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Quality After sales
After sales guarantee
Fast response within 2 hours
Fast response within 2 hours
Freeboard International There is a special customer complaint handling team and a perfect customer complaint handling process. The customer complaint handling process will be started immediately within two hours after receiving the customer complaint, and the full resources will cooperate with the customer to handle exceptions at the first time.
A rigorous traceability system
A rigorous traceability system
Freeboard International The most advanced SAP management system in the industry is used to control material information to ensure the integrity and reliability of important information such as incoming materials, photos and Lot No.
Perfect reporting system
Perfect reporting system
According to customer requirements, Freeboard can issue corrective and preventive action reports, FA reports, 8D reports, etc., and can also issue agent/original factory test reports as required, and can also issue third-party laboratory reports with legal effect.
Logistics assurance
Standardized warehousing system
Freeboard International The intelligent storage management system is applied to effectively control the storage environment, improve the storage operation efficiency, ensure the traceability of products in the whole process, and create a logistics system integrating systematization, informatization and storage modernization.
Delivery speed
Freeboard International Through close cooperation with more than 3000 suppliers from four continents with developed electronic industry, Asian sources deliver goods in 1-3 days, and European and American sources deliver goods in 3-5 days.
Delivery security
Freeboard International Strictly select logistics suppliers, and establish long-term and stable cooperation with well-known express and logistics companies at home and abroad, such as Shunfeng, FedEx, DHL, UPS, to ensure the safety of cargo transportation.
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